Burchland Mfg. Gravel Boxes will add efficiency to your jobsite. These bedding material containers are real stone savers, helping to reduce waste and increase speed on the jobsite.

We are pleased to present our GBX Gravel Box product for your review. Please select one of the options from the gravel box menu on the left or below, to view some of the exciting features and specifications of our gravel boxes.

GBX Gravel Box

Gravel Box Main

In addition to our gravel box, Burchland also offers a variety of other erosion control products, including our famous silt fence installer.

Other Great Burchland Products:
Drive over hopper

GSX Series Grain Shuttles

The GSX Series Drive over hopper are portable grain shuttles designed to make unloading grain trailers into a bin quick and easy. Designed for farmers with multiple bin sites, this drive over pit is quick and easy to transport. GSX Series Grain Shuttles can be towed behind a tractor or a pickup and quickly lowered to the ground for operation.

Custom sizes and options are available on GSX Series Grain Shuttles. If you need a longer discharge auger, higher discharge height or any custom feature give us a call at 641-498-2063.

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